On the island of Lemnos HRYSAFIS Company owes 10 retail shops:

Myrina (wood-fired oven), Τ.: 22540-24004
Myrina (Demokratias Ave.), Τ.: 22540-24424
Myrina (Central Market), Τ.: 22540-22730
Myrina (Trifoto), Τ.: 22540-25202
Myrina(Soumbra), Τ.: 22540-24828
Atsiki (square), Τ.: 22540-31590
Agios Dimitrios, Τ.: 22540-61850
Moudros, Τ.: 22540-71355
Kontopouli, Τ.: 22540-41007
Κarpasi, Τ.: 22540-31330

In all Hrysafis' bakeries you can daily enjoy:

  • Fresh bread, delicious biscuits and crunchy rusks
  • Traditional sweets
  • Traditional local cheeses
  • Hand-made pies
  • Hand-made pasta called "Flomaria"
  • Fresh ice-creams

On the island of Lemnos HRYSAFIS company offers a full range of catering services. For further information, please contact us at 22540-31330 or 22540-31690.