It is said that Lemnos is named in the Homeric "liion" which means seeded field. Since ancient times the island was the barn of the Aegean. Today, in Lemnos, there are many areas cultivated with local varieties of cereals such as wheat variety "Mavragani", "Panagia" barley, etc.

The Wheat and Barley Rusks HRYSAFIS are made from local Lemnos barley flour and are free of preservatives. Enjoy them as a light meal or as a healthy snack:

  • with "kalathaki" cheese, olives, fresh tomatoes and oregano
  • with "kalathaki" cheese, tomato paste and sea fennel
  • with "feta" cheese, olives, onions cut in rings and sun-dried tomatoes
  • in tomato salads with "kalathaki" cheese, olives, oregano and extra virgin olive oil
  • in green salads with "kaskavali" cheese and sun-dried tomatoes
  • with various dips and pastes (olive paste, sun-dried tomato paste, aubergine paste etc.)

Use small rusks (bites) in salads and soups. Alternatively, spread them with creamy cheese, aubergine paste, sun-dried tomato paste, caper pesto or olive paste to create delicious canapés.